AKG N5005 (4464209789000)
AKG N5005 (4464209789000)

AKG N5005


簡介 / Description

Meticulously crafted from premium gloss black ceramic, the AKG N5005 is the epitome of pure and detailed studio sound reproduction, without distortion or distraction. By pioneering the combination of one dynamic and quad balanced armature drivers in each earphone, AKG gives you perfectly balanced 5-driver configuration headphones and one-of-a-kind sound tuning capabilities that lets you adjust for four precise output preferences. Hi-Res certified, the AKG N5005 replicates the accurate mids, crystal clear highs and warm bass that allows you to be inspired by the purity of music. It perfectly complements your on-the-go lifestyle with its Bluetooth® 4.1 detachable cable, 8-hour battery life, 3-button universal/remote for hands-free, crystal clear calls and a premium carrying case for easy portability.

特性 / Feature

  • Hi-Res audio with 5-driver hybrid construction for a supreme sound experience
  • 4 exchangeable sound filters for customizable audio
  • High performance Bluetooth® cable for a hands-free wireless experience
  • Comfort-driven design with durable, high gloss ceramic


    規格 / Specification

    單元 Driver :
    4動鐵 Balanced Armature +1動圈 Dynamic
    靈敏度 Sensitivity :
    116 dB @ 1kHz
    阻抗 Impedance :
    18 Ohm @ 1kHz
    音頻反應 Frequency Response :
    10 Hz - 40 000 Hz
    線材 Cable :
    Detachable twist cable with universal 3-button remote/mic
    線長 Cable Length : -
    插頭 Plug :
    2.5mm Balance


    配件 / Accessories

    耳膠 Ear tips :
    XS, S, M, L Ear-tip
    S, M, L Spinfit
    便攜盒 Carrying Case :
    線夾 Cable Clip :
    延長線 Extension Cord :
    替換線 Exchangeable Cord :
    1 x Bluetooth Cable
    1 x 2.5mm Audio Balance Cable
    1 x Universal 3-button mic Cable 
    轉換插 Convertor :
    Flight Adapter
    其他 Others: Cleaning Tool