Alclair VERSA DUAL DRIVER (4466407178312)
Alclair VERSA DUAL DRIVER (4466407178312)



簡介 / Description

The Versa custom in ear monitor delivers a fairly balanced sound signature. It is smooth and balanced with a touch of emphasis in the low end. It’s supremely easy to listen to and plays well with a variety of sources from media players to personal monitors systems. While it will serve most stage monitoring needs, it excels at keys, acoustic guitar and front of house mixing.

規格 / Specification

單元 Driver :
2 動鐵 BA 
靈敏度 Sensitivity :
101 dB @ 1kHz
阻抗 Impedance :
23 Ohm @ 1kHz
音頻反應 Frequency Response :
20 Hz - 40 000 Hz
線材 Cable :
Black or Clear Cable
線長 Cable Length : 50"
插頭 Plug :


配件 / Accessories

耳膠 Ear tips :
便攜盒 Carrying Case :
Haiti Made Custom Leather Case
線夾 Cable Clip :
延長線 Extension Cord :
替換線 Exchangeable Cord :
轉換插 Convertor :
Flight Adapter
其他 Others: Cleaning Tool