Beyerdynamic T5p (7269549891)
Beyerdynamic T5p (7269549891)

Beyerdynamic T5p

Model T 5 p (1. Generation)
Article # 715301
Sound Precise, balanced, neutral, for a closed-back headphone very spacious.
Cable 1.20 m, fixed. Twin-cable. Electrically screened.
Connection plug on player side 3.5 mm with plugged-on 6.35 mm jack adapter.
Additional 3.0 m extension cable.
Ear cushions Genuine leather with memory foam.
Headband cushion Genuine leather.
Case Aluminium box. Suitable for storage and showcasing of the headphones.
Additional drawstring bag made from velour.
Balanced-mode use Not possible. Assembly of a different connector plug necessary.