Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)
Westone W50 (6209595203)

Westone W50


簡介 / Description

Westone True-Fit技術 : 50年以上製造耳機的經驗生產出這個沉實、輕巧及非凡的耳機,它提供最大的舒適度,並且將跳躍舞動的聲音傳入耳中。
Westone True-Fit Technology 50+ years experience with in-ear applications has yielded a low-profile, lightweight, universal earpiece which delivers maximum comfort and in-ear coupling for dynamic transfer of sound.

特性 / Feature

  • 全新的可更換式雙絞線及圓頭MFI連接線外觀漂亮,並備有3按鈕控制及麥克風。
    Replaceable Cable
    New replaceable cable connection includes the braided epic cable and round MFI cable with 3-button control and mic.
  • Apple產品專用的控制功能,包括音量 +/–、曲目+/–、接聽電話及啟動siri。
    3-Button Apple Control System + Mic
    Function control for Apple products including volume +/– , tracking +/– , phone answer, and siri activation.
  • Westone的動鐵單元明顯地比起傳統動圈單元更精巧及有效能。
    Westone’s balanced armature drivers are significantly more compact and efficient than traditional dynamic drivers.
  • Westone專業耳機將多個動鐵單元及精密分頻網絡結合於一身,提供升級聲波細節及音頻。
    By combining multiple balanced armature drivers with sophisticated crossover networks, Westone monitors provide enhanced sonic detail and frequency range that extends well beyond typical in-ear solutions.
  • 穩固面板,有香檳色、灰銅色及紅色以供替換
    Champagne, Gun Metal and Red color faceplates with secure attachment
  • Mini Monitor Vault II 以耐衝擊聚合物製造的耳機盒尺寸恰到好處,適合旅行及儲存用途。其特點是擁有保護棉內層及防潮濕設計。
    Monitor Vault R-Series earphones ship with Westone’s new Monitor Vault. Designed specifically for transporting high-end earphones and manufactured in Colorado of a high impact polymer, it’s the perfect size for travel and storage. Each Monitor Vault features a protective foam interior and weather resistant design.


      規格 / Specification

      單元 Driver :
      5 動鐵單元 3 路分音
      5 balanced armature drivers with a 3-way crossover.
      靈敏度 Sensitivity :
      118 dB @ 1kHz
      阻抗 Impedance :
      25 Ohm @ 1kHz
      音頻反應 Frequency Response :
      20 Hz - 20 000 Hz
      線材 Cable :
      EPIC Replaceable Cable及MFI G2 Cable
      線長 Cable Length : 128cm
      插頭 Plug :


      配件 / Accessories

      耳膠 Ear tips :
      便攜盒 Carrying Case :
      線夾 Cable Clip :
      延長線 Extension Cord :
      替換線 Exchangeable Cord :
      3 鍵 iDevice 專用替換線
      3 button iDevice mic cable
      轉換插 Convertor :
      其他 Others: 清潔工具 Cleaning tool