FiiO F3 (4488791720008)
FiiO F3 (4488791720008)

FiiO F3


The translucent industrial-grade polycarbonate housing attracts by allowing you to peer into and appreciate the F3's internals. The lustrous, vacuum-ion electroplated shell of the F3 is also exchangeable, allowing you to spice up your life by letting you change between different shells to fit your current mood.

Graphene Driver Diaphragm

The F3 utilizes a cutting-edge graphene driver diaphragm. Graphene, with a thickness of only 0.335nm, is a new nanomaterial that is extremely strong and has excellent conductivity. Due to its properties, a graphene driver diaphragm can very faithfully reproduce your music - giving a clean, rich, yet transparent high-fidelity sound.  

Japanese Copper-clad Aluminum Voice Coil

This exactly describes the Japanese copper-clad aluminum voice coil utilized in the F3, which allows it to present a transformative listening experience by clearly bringing forth even the subtlest of details within the music.

Polyurethane Cable

After extensively experimenting with and evaluating a wide variety of materials on a multitude of factors, polyurethane emerged as the material of choice for the F3's cable. Polyurethane is a low microphonic, durable material that is also lightweight, highly elastic and tough against scrapes.