Fiio KUNLUN E18 (7284517123)
Fiio KUNLUN E18 (7284517123)



簡介 / Description

Master studio-grade sound in your small pocket

特性 / Feature

    • Dedicated professional high – quality DAC chip
      Utilizes Texas Instriments’ Newest PCS5142 greatly surpassing the integrated DAC chips on smartphones
    • Dedicated professional high-quality amplifier
      The X1 also employs Intersil’s newest ISL28291 amplifier buffer
    • Line output avaulable
      X1 supports both driving headphones directly and line output well, switching between the two easily via a menu selection.
      Using line output, you may expand the X1 by bundling it with dedicated headphone amplifiers, E.g. X1+E11K, X1+E12A
    • Complete music format support
      The X1 supports the five major lossless music formats, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, ALAC, at ip to 192kHz/ 24 bit of master tape quality resolution. Plus mp3, aac, ogg vorbis.
    • Classic design
      Continuing the X5’s classic scroll wheel + X keygroup layout,
      With operating system customized around the scroll wheel.
      Users can quickly browse and play songs and add them by batch to their favorites list
      With further UI customizations accommodating unsighted operation.
      Convenient Shortcuts button brings
      Instant control of your music library Under your fingertips.


      認證或獎項 / Certificate or Awards winning



      規格 / Specification

      呎吋 Dimensions :
      96.7mm (W) x 57.7mm (H) x 14.1mm (D)
      重量 Weight :
      操作系統 Operation System :
      內存容量 Storage:
      外置儲存 External Storage : MicroSD 插槽slot x1
      屏幕 Display :
      2.0" TFT screen
      支援格式 Support Format : WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA, ALAC, Apple Lossless
      輸入/ 輸出端子 Input / Output : 3.5mm x1
      Line Out 3.5mm x1
      USB 2.0 x1
      使用時間 Usage Time :
      充電時間 Charge Time :
      無線 Wireless : -


      配件 / Accessories

      保護套 Cover Case :
      線材 Cable :
      micro USB x1
      其他 Others:
      矽膠薄片 Silicon Sheet