HiBy Crystal 6 (7075600498855)
HiBy Crystal 6 (7075600498855)

HiBy Crystal 6


A 4-way, 6-BA per earpiece pair of In-Ear Monitors

With a balanced sound signature, a realistic balance of bass, mids and treble, the Crystal 6 reproduces natural timbre with a realistic soundstage.

Driver configuration

Knowles 22955 LF driver, a solid base to the soundstage; 2x custom 1006 drivers for finely crafted mids;1 custom 30098 and 2 custom 31735 drivers for finely detailed yet silky smooth highs. The frequencies are in balance and in harmony with each other, with technical capability guaranteed by professional acoustic design, resulting in an accurate, realistic rendition of all recordings. 

Professional 4-way crossover

4 independent acoustic tubeways

With a full 4-way electrical crossover and 4 independent acoustic tubeways, the electrical and acoustic impedance is customized to each driver, getting the best out of them all in perfect synergy, so that the frequency response is smooth and of the right shape, the imaging is accurate, the drivers reinforce each other naturally creating a well-layered presentation of any music.

Thin-film audio-grade capacitors

Imported Panasonic thin-film capacitors give a smooth yet detailed sound.

Dual layer immersion-gold-plated PCB

Highly technical PCB process which reduces transmission losses.

Balanced sound

Our in house team of acoustic engineers, with their accumulated experience, put together the acoustic design that puts out this balanced FR curve, providing good groundwork for great sound.

HiRes certification

HiRes certified by the Japan Audio Society for guaranteed quality

Quality materials & design

A badge confirming the quality materials used in the product and the dedication to its design.

Visual and acoustic art

Dyed wood faceplates give every unit its own unique look. A piece of nature, enshrined in every crystalline piece of acoustic art. 

Handcrafted jewellery

Epoxy-filled interior with German Nice-Fit™ UV cured enamel exterior. Artistic, realistic texture through and through.

Custom-style comfort

A mould shape borne out of Big Data analysis of anthropological pinna statistics ensures maximal long-term comfort for any ear shape and size.

Bal. and SE cabling, standard

4.4mm balanced, OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper wired and 3.5mm SE, silver-plated copper wired cables. A line for every need included. 

Industry standard

0.78mm 2-pin ports for maximal ease of cable upgrading.

Rich set of accessories

Balanced, bass, clarity and memory-foam sets of eartips available to choose from.

What's in the box

4.4mm OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper
3.5mm silver plated OFC copper
Leather storage case
Cleaning brush
Crystal6 earphones 


HiBy Crystal 6
Type 4 way 6BA-per-earpiece in-ear monitors
Weight per earpiece
Drivers Balanced Armatures
Driver info Knowles 22955 bass x1, custom 1006 mid x2, custom 30098 high x1, custom 31735 high x2
Frequency response 5Hz-60kHz
Sensitivity 107dB/mW
Nominal Impedance 14 Ω
Shell material Epoxy interior, German Nice-Fit™ UV cured enamel exterior
Faceplate material Dyed wood artwork
Cable composition 3.5mm: coaxial 4-core silver plated OFC copper; 4.4mm: coaxial 4-core OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper
Cable specs OCC copper: 4 cores x 18 strands x 0.05mm strand; Silver plated OFC copper: 4 cores x 24 strands x 0.05mm strand
Cable lengths 120cm
Earpiece ports Standard 0.78mm 2-pin gold-plated cable ports
Cable plugs 3.5mm / 4.4mm gold plated straight plugs