HiBy R5 Saber (7075562684583)
HiBy R5 Saber (7075562684583)

HiBy R5 Saber


Delightfully snappy to listen to and to use

A real pocket rocket, it looks as good as it is!

The Saber difference

The R5 standard edition gives a warm, smooth sound while the Saber edition ruthlessly cuts through the most complex of recordings to reveal detail for all to hear.

Resolution beyond its peers

With dual Cirrus Logic CS43198 flagship DAC chips on board, integrated to the motherboard using a professional QFN packaging process to maximise heat dissipation. On the R5s, we pull out all the stops to relay every musical detail extracted by the dual DAC chips.

Panasonic electrolytic caps

4 470µF Panasonic electrolytic caps round out the output stage to increase current capability for transient response.

Panasonic Hi-Polymer Tantalum POSCAPs

7 200 µF and 4 47µF capacitors are all high-end Panasonic POSCAPs with minimal ESR for maximal power supply noise rejection and pure sound.

Two OPA1642 in professional audio-grade packaging perform low-pass filter duty while two AD8397ARDZ are in the amplification stage with high-end heatsinking provided to heighten sound quality and performance stability.

Bigger than it looks

Weighing only 160g, with a 4” 16.8 million colour LCD taking up almost the whole front bezel, the R5 is as big as it is handy. With 3.5mm SE and 4.4mm balanced headphone and line outputs and up to 1040+1040mW@16Ω of drive power through 4.4mm, this tiny package is as big as almost any headphone needs.

Systemwide MSEB for your customized sound

Systemwide MageSound Eight-ball tuning board allows you to tune the player’s sound to your specific headphones and listening tastes.

Note: Systemwide MSEB available on firmware v1.6 and higher, does not effect DSD, MQA. Processes onboard headphone outputs, lineout and coaxial digital output (i.e. excludes Bluetooth, USB).

All-format audio support

Fully supporting DSD, DXD, APE, AIFF, FLAC, WAV and WMA lossless music formats; MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG etc. lossy formats; also MQA.

MQA rendering to 8x

HiBy R5 Saber is a portable music player that is capable of MQA rendering to 8x. MQA is an award-winning technology that captures and reproduces the sound of the original studio master in a file that’s small enough to stream and download. HiBy is collaborating with MQA to deliver the true original sound quality to listeners.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 SoC

Rock-steady system programming plus 2GB RAM and 16GB storage ensures silky smooth operation and playback.

Open Android 8.1 System

The HiBy team, with its strong software team, optimized the Android 8.1 system for bit-perfect playback, using the DTA system to bypass the resampling Android audio stack for systemwide bit-perfect audio, while at the same time supporting practically all Android applications, for a smartphone-like operating experience while outclassing them in audio performance.

Bluetooth now also HiFi with UAT technology

Ultra Audio Transmission—the Bluetooth audio codec developed in-house at HiBy, supports 192kHz audio transfer with bitrate up to 1.2Mbps, while also optimizing itself for different music content. Bringing you true hi fidelity in Bluetooth.

HiByLink for remote operation

Simply install the HiByMusic app on your smartphone to connect to the R5 via WiFi or Bluetooth to control playback, browsing, volume control, etc. on the big screen while playing from the R5.

18 hours continuous play time for all-day listening

Also supporting QC3.0 quick charge, with internal 3500mAh battery for 18 hours continuous play time and quick recharging. 

18 hours play time on 3.5mm SE / 11 hours play time on 4.4mm balanced.

* The playtime may differ according to different scenarios.

All portable usage scenarios supported

Using R5:
- as USB DAC
- or playing to USB DAC
- LDAC as Bluetooth receiver or transmitter
- transmitting and receiving music files via WiFi
- or playing to other HiFi systems via line out 

List of included items

The R5 Saber, leather case, screen protectors, USB charge and data cable, instruction manual and warranty card. 


HiBy R5 Saber
Colors Aluminum alloy black
Dimensions 107.7*61.2*15.6mm
Bluetooth 4.2
USB 2.0 
Operating System Android 8.1
DAC CS43198*2
SoC Snapdragon 425
No. of CPU Cores 4
CPU Max Frequency 1.4GHz
WIFI 5GHz/2.4GHz, supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n protocols
Display Size 4.0 inches (540*1080)
Colors 16 million colors
Topology IPS
Internal Storage 16GB
External Storage Up tp 2TB + via 1 micro SD card
Headphone Out 3.5mm
Balanced Headphone Out 4.4mm
Line Out 3.5mm LO
Balanced Out 4.4mm LO
Digital Out SPDIF (USB out)
Headphone Impedance Range 16~300Ω
EQ Adjustments 10 bands (±12dB)
Channel Balance L 10dB to R 10dB
Power Supply 9V/1.5A
Battery 3500mAh
Charge Protocol QC3.0
Firmware Update Over-the-air update