Sennheiser HD205II (6209599939)
Sennheiser HD205II (6209599939)

Sennheiser HD205II


The HD 205-II closed, dynamic stereo   head phones  are  Sennheiser’s  flexible   solution  for  DJs.  The  ear  cup  is  rotatable for comfortable one-ear listening. Powerful  stereo  sound  and  a  single-sided  cable are additional features of these headphones. The HD 205-II come with a   convenient  protective  pouch  for  storage and  transportation.

  • Closed, dynamic stereo headphones
  • Powerful  stereo  sound
  • Rotatable  ear  cup  for  one-ear  listening
  • Outstanding  passive  attenuation  of ambient noise
  • Convenient protective pouch included
  • 3.5 mm jack plug and  1/4“  (6.3  mm)   screw-on jack adaptor, gold-plated
  • Single-sided cable 2-year warranty