Moondrop 水月雨 光・Illumination (7067317239975)
Moondrop 水月雨 光・Illumination (7067317239975)

Moondrop 水月雨 光・Illumination


Faithful to original sound: Demanding standards makes accurate reproduction of recording possible

Flagship Dynamic In Ear Monitor:Illumination
Frequency Response:
      20-20000Hz (IEC60318-4) 
      10-50000Hz (1/4Inch Free field Mic)
Impedance: 259 @1kHz
Sensitivity: 124dB/Nrms@1kHz
Housing Material: 5 axis CNC milled TC4 titanium alloy with TiN plating
Transducer: Patented 11mm high efficiency/performance coupled acoustic chamber dynamic Driver 
Diaphragm: Liquid Crystal polymer dome + soft high damping factor PEEK suspension
Coil: 0.035mm daikoku CCAW
Magnet: High flux density N52 neodymium external magnet architecture
Damper: Patented coupled acoustic chamber structure
Socket: 0.78 2pin
Cable: OCC copper with SPC shielding + replaceable plug