InEar ProPhile 8 burl wood nature(with switch) (7593455780054)
InEar ProPhile 8 burl wood nature(with switch) (7593455780054)

InEar ProPhile 8 burl wood nature(with switch)


To achieve a studio reference tuning across the whole frequency range, we have equipped our InEar ProPhile-8 with a 4-way crossover and 8 balanced armature drivers per side. Additionally, there are two switches on the inside of the earphone to separately boost low frequencies by +3dB and high frequencies starting at 8 kHz by +2dB. Based on a linear reference tuning for professional mixing and mastering, you can choose one of totally four different sound signatures to adjust to your audiophile preferences outside of the studio. You will rediscover your music thanks to easy natural reproduction of music in highest resolution, uncovering of subtle details, breathtaking transparency, huge soundstage and perfect imaging!

The matt housing of the ProPhile-8 is based on our„StageDiver“ series, which has established itself internationallyas a reference for best fit and comfortamong universal in-ears. We implemented a special cerumen filter in the Pro-Phile-8 to prevent earwax of entering the earphone. Blocked filters can easily be replaced by yourself in just a few steps.

規格 / Specification

單元 Driver : 
8 x 動鐵 Balanced armature
靈敏度 Sensitivity : 
120 dB  @ 1kHz
阻抗 Impedance : 
34 Ohm @ 1kHz
音頻反應 Frequency Response : 
20 Hz - 20 000 Hz
線材 Cable :
線長 Cable Length : 120cm
插頭 Plug : 
Straight 3.5mm Gold Plated


配件 / Accessories

耳膠 Ear tips :
耳膠及Comply Ts400 S, M, L 碼各1對
A pair of S, M, L size of both ear tips and comply ts400
便攜盒 Carrying Case :
線夾 Cable Clip :
延長線 Extension Cord :
替換線 Exchangeable Cord :  
轉換插 Convertor :
Gold-plated adapter (3.5mm on a 6.3mm jack)                    
其他 Others:     3x 塊清潔布 cleaning cloths