Kennerton Thror (4493420429384)
Kennerton Thror (4493420429384)

Kennerton Thror

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The headphones represent the essential tool for the most demanding professionals. The only objective: to be the ultimate tool for high-quality playback. These headphones incorporate a remarkable evolution of the planar magnetic driver and an extremely open design aiming to make the headphones disappear, for the benefit of the sound. These headphones are also suit the audio equipment of the highest class.

Kennerton 80 mm planar magnetic carbon-fiber speaker drivers deliver the absolute acoustic purity and offer unprecedented levels of clarity and resolution to sound.

The listening experience is outstanding in terms of realism, natural sound reproduction, dynamics, and clarity

規格 / Specification

單元 Driver : 
平板振膜 80mm Planar magnetic

靈敏度 Sensitivity : 
100 dB  

阻抗 Impedance : 
42 Ohm 

音頻反應 Frequency Response : 
10 Hz – 55000Hz

線材 Cable :
線長 Cable Length : 2m

插頭 Plug : 


配件 / Accessories

耳膠 Ear tips :


便攜盒 Carrying Case :

線夾 Cable Clip :

延長線 Extension Cord :


替換線 Exchangeable Cord :  

轉換插 Convertor :

其他 Others:     -