Moondrop 水月雨 Aria (7067324711079)
Moondrop 水月雨 Aria (7067324711079)

Moondrop 水月雨 Aria


Aria had been our discountinued product with delicate sound quality, and gorgeous appearance. It appeared in our product catalog for a short while and then disappeared. And now, Aria is revived, a brand-new IEMs with a new design. It combines balance, openness, fineness, transparency, detailed and atmosphere. It is rich in texture, comfortable to wear, and elegant in design. This is a brand new Aria, a brand new design and experience.

Product name: Aria High Performance LCP Diaphragm Dynamic IEMs

Driver Unit : LCP liquid crystal diaphragm -10mm diameter double cavity magnetic Diaphragm Dynamic unit.

Headphone Socket : 0.78pin

Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms (@1kHz)

Impedance: 32Ω±15% (@1kHz)

Frequency response : 5Hz-36000Hz

Effective frequency response: 20Hz-20000Hz