Ocharaku 音茶樂 Flat4 - Kuro Type II (7063662035111)
Ocharaku 音茶樂 Flat4 - Kuro Type II (7063662035111)

Ocharaku 音茶樂 Flat4 - Kuro Type II


The length of acoustic canal individually differs. According to our research result of trial audition and questionnaire for more than 100 to 150 people attended at the event of the headphone festival, many people have longer acoustic canal than we had assumed.
Better sound quality can be obtained if the length of acoustic canal of the user and that of the phase correction tube are adjusted. Therefore, we developed a model with longer phase correction tube.
Type II coating, which has higher vibration-proof coating for phase correction tube enables playback of excessively fine reverberation of sound. Flat4 (KURO Type II) is for a standard acoustic canal length, and Flat4 (AKA Type II) for longer acoustic canal. We are proud of these two products.
L-shape connection code, which is useful to connect small DAP, is also attached.

If the acoustic canal is closed by wearing a canal-type headphone, resonance is occurred depending on the acoustic canal length and the acoustic pressure is elevated. Accordingly, intense peak will be generated.
The phase correction tube has the mechanism to eliminate the relevant peak.
In Flat4-粋 and Flat4-玄, the effective length of the phase correction tune is 28 mm.
The effective length of the phase correction tube of the Flat4 (AKA Type II) is 30 mm.
In Flat4 (KURO Type II), the effective length of the relevant tube is 28 mm the same as conventional two types. The closer your acoustic canal length and the phase correction tube length, the better sound. Use one of which you can hear the best!


Technical Data

Element Φ10 mm dynamic x 2 (per single channel)
Sound method Twin equalized element
Output sound pressure level 104 dBSPL/mW
Frequency characteristics 3.5 to 45 kHz(HiRes-ready)
Max. input 400 mW
Impedance 18 Ω
Mass About 18g
Plug Φ3.5 mm gold plating stereo mini-plug
Code length 1.2m (type Y)
Attachment Comply-foam ear tips T-200 size L (Size M is attached to the main unit.)L-shape connection code,storage can, cloth, Instruction Manual & Guarantee