Ocharaku 音茶樂 Flat4 - Keyaki Plus (7063678910631)
Ocharaku 音茶樂 Flat4 - Keyaki Plus (7063678910631)

Ocharaku 音茶樂 Flat4 - Keyaki Plus


The latest collaboration of Oak village’s timber craftsmanship and Ocharaku’s finest sound engineering; The most crystal clear sound among Flat4 series.
Center cabinet is made of japanese zelkova; has the highest value of sound transmission among all wood materials; coated with natural raw lacquer.
Each pieces are specially selected and handcrafted by master craftsmen in the forest of Hida-Takayama.
The raw lacquer; one of the most ideal natural over coat; exceptionally solidify the applied wood than any chemical over coats.
Over time, by exposure to sun (UV) light, lacquer coat increases its translucent level thus the timber grain starts to be more and more visible.
Bothe sound and visual of this product will age uniquely and specifically only in your way.
Vibe-resist coating is applied on Phase adjustor tube to suppress the howling noise and minimizing sound deterioration to achieve warm and softer treble (higher register).
Sound quality could be improved by selecting suitable length type matching to individuals ear canal length.
Flat4-KEYAKI Plus, for a standers ear canal length and Flat4-AKAKETAKI Plus for longer ear canal length.
FURUTECH Co. Non-magnetic Pure copper Rhodium plated 3-pole stereo mini plug.
Assuring higher quality and crystal clear sound.

Technical data

Element 010F002 Φ10mm Dynamic type x2 (On each side)
Acoustic system Twin-Equalize-Element system
Output sound pressure level 104 dBSPL/mW
Frequency 3.5 to 45kHz (High-resolution compatible)
Max input 400mW
Impedance 18Ω
Mass Approx. 26g
Cable with plug 1.2m(Y type) quadruple conductor cable Φ3.5mm Rhodium plated stereo mini plug
付属品 Comply foam ear tips T-200 L size (M size on product)
SpinFit S, M, L size
L type cable adepter, Cleaning cloth,
Wooden casing (japanese zelkova & paulownia solid wood),
Manual instruction/warranty card