Panasonic RP-HC800 (7364481603)
Panasonic RP-HC800 (7364481603)

Panasonic RP-HC800


Noise Cancelling

The RP-HC800's improved feedback cancelling technology achieves superb noise cancelling performance over a wide frequency range. The built-in high performance microphone in the housing detects environmental noise in the mid- to low-frequency range and feeds back a reverse-phase sound wave to significantly lower the noise. Tightly sealed ear cups also block the entry of environmental noise in the mid- to high-frequency range.

Up to 40 hours of Playback

The alkaline battery provides up to 40 hours of noise-cancelling music play, eliminating worries about the battery running out even when you are on the move.
This versatile hybrid sound reproduction system lets you listen to music even after the battery has ran out.

規格 / Specification

單元 Driver :
40mm 動圈 Dynamic

靈敏度 Sensitivity :
94 dB/mW(NC On), 92 dB/mW(NC Off)

阻抗 Impedance :
19 Ohm (NC On), 17 Ohm(NC Off)

音頻反應 Frequency Response :
10 Hz - 25 kHz

線材 Cable :
線長 Cable Length : -

插頭 Plug :


配件 / Accessories

耳膠 Ear tips :


便攜盒 Carrying Case :

線夾 Cable Clip :

延長線 Extension Cord :


替換線 Exchangeable Cord :

1.5 m with in-line remote and MIC controller for iPod / iPhone / iPad

轉換插 Convertor :

Air plug adaptor
其他 Others: -