Pioneer SE-MASTER1 (7371977219)
Pioneer SE-MASTER1 (7371977219)

Pioneer SE-MASTER1


Technology with Visionary Innovation

Pioneer’s history in quality audio equipment began 80 years ago, with the vision of ‘delivering the joy of music to people far and wide’. In 1937, we produced the A-8, the first dynamic speaker to be produced in Japan, and we have been committed to high fidelity sound reproduction ever since. Whether we are making home speakers, car speakers or headphones, our focus is always on the pure, faithful reproduction of sound.

Now we are writing the next chapter in our long history of technical supremacy and purity in sound design. The flagship SE-MASTER1 headphone continues Pioneer’s legacy and commitment to authentic sound reproduction. Combining Technological leadership with visionary innovation, and featuring the industry’s first headphone engineered with a lightweight, 25μ-thick aluminum diaphragm treated with ceramic coating, the SE-MASTER1 enhances natural performance to deliver pure and dynamic audio to the listener.

Hand-Crafted by a Master

Meticulous attention to even the finest detail was given to the production of the SE-MASTER1. Each unit is assembled by a master craftsman at the Tohoku Pioneer Plant in Japan, the birthplace of many iconic speaker models. We pour our advanced technological know-how into every step of the journey – from design to production and quality control – so your headphones deliver excellence without compromise.

Built for Your Listening Pleasure

The lightweight aluminum diaphragm‘s ceramic coating adds rigidity that results in high-resolution playback across all frequencies with minimum noise. The diaphragm’s edges are ribbed and made with a sturdy poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) film to deliver a smooth sound and reduce distortion.

The SE-MASTER1 headphones incorporate a floating structure to minimize distortion, with rubber inserted between the base, housing, and hanger to help prevent vibrations and create better separation between the left and right channels to deliver an enhanced sound stage.

Snug and Lightweight for a Natural Fit

The headband and hanger parts use a super duralumin alloy to achieve a light, natural fit that lets you forget everything but the music you’re immersed in.

Innovative three dimensional ear pads adapt to fit your contours thanks to a proprietary design using two thicknesses of memory foam—thin at the front and thick at the back. The ear cups are covered with a soft leather-type material for extra comfort.

Superior High-Resolution Playback

The SE-Master1’s 3.5mm-thick aluminum alloy housing minimizes resonance from the driver units to produce an accurate sound with a clearly defined, tight bass and high-res mids and highs.

Originally developed for car speakers, the full basket system reduces resonance while delivering an energetic sound. The speaker unit is firmly secured using aluminum and the base is finished with ASA resin, which adds excellent weather resistance.

The SE-MASTER1 is capable of reproducing high-resolution audio of up to 85,000 Hz, more than double the minimum requirement for high-res headphones (40,000 Hz). So you can experience every unadulterated detail of your high-res music.

Engineering partnership with AIR Studios

Working together with Pioneer engineers, the end product resulted in the ideal headphone for discerning listeners that are equally suitable for recording, mixing and mastering in a professional studio environment.

Tuned at the famous AIR recording studios in London, technical director Tim Vine‑Lott compared the headphones to premium reference speaker systems to identify adjustments and ensure the headphones delivered the same sound quality as the studio’s own sound reproduction system.

Balanced XLR cable

A balanced XLR cable is available for the SE-MASTER1, ideal for use with a headphone amplifier to deliver superior sound quality. Featuring a NEUTRIK-manufactured XLR connector on the headphone end, both ends of each connector are gold plated to reduce contact loss.

規格 / Specification

單元 Driver : 
50mm Dynamic Driver

靈敏度 Sensitivity : 
94 dB  

阻抗 Impedance : 
45 Ohms

音頻反應 Frequency Response : 
5 Hz to 85,000 Hz

線材 Cable :
OFC litz 
線長 Cable Length : 3m

插頭 Plug : 


配件 / Accessories

耳墊 Ear Pads :

便攜盒 Carrying Case :

線夾 Cable Clip :

延長線 Extension Cord :

替換線 Exchangeable Cord :  

轉換插 Convertor :