Astell & Kern AK JR x Super Junior (6202397827)
Astell & Kern AK JR x Super Junior (6202397827)
Astell & Kern AK JR x Super Junior (6202397827)
Astell & Kern AK JR x Super Junior (6202397827)

Astell & Kern AK JR x Super Junior


簡介 / Description

Thin and Light
The AK Jr project gives everyone the opportunity to comfortably listen to high resolution audio anytime and anywhere.

Although the Astell&Kern was a portable device, its relatively large size made it less convenient for some. The AK Jr’s compact design delivers the highest sound quality while fitting comfortably in your pocket.
The AK Jr is like carrying a small concert in your pocket.

特性 / Feature

      Tailored to users already familiar with smartphones, the SUPER JUNIOR x AK Jr features a simple design, and the autographs of Super Junior members are emblazoned on the back of the sapphire-blue aluminum body.
      The front of the unit and knurled aluminum volume wheel are engraved with Super Junior's “SJ” initial logo, and the product's special gift box and certificate of guarantee feature photos of Super Junior members for added uniqueness.
      Design Story
      The AK Jr simplifies complex features of Hi-Fi audio to a smartphone-like experience. The simplified design exemplifies the original concept of the AK Jr. The raised screen provides secure grip and slims down the profile from 8.9mm to 6.9mm. The full aluminum body and textured aluminum volume wheel allows smooth one-handed operation.
    • Increased output and lowered impedance
      The AK Jr's output level of 1.95 VRMS represents a 14% increase over the AK100's 1.5 VRMS. Our engineers have reduced the output impedance to 2 Ohms for a significant gain in sound fidelity from the AK100’s 22 Ohms..
    • DSD to PCM
      TThe AK Jr supports DSD, the digital audio format widely considered to be the next-generation in high resolution audio. Listen to a greater range of audio through DSD..
    • USB DAC
      The AK Jr can also function as an external DAC (sound card) when connected to a PC or Mac via USB. When playing music stored on a computer, the AK Jr delivers the same high level of audio quality while eliminating the need for a built-in sound card.
    • 64GB capacity
      64GB 容量


      認證或獎項 / Certificate or Awards winning



      規格 / Specification

      呎吋 Dimensions :
      52.9mm (W) x 117mm (H) x 8.9mm (D)
      重量 Weight :
      操作系統 Operation System :
      內存容量 Storage:
      外置儲存 External Storage : MicroSD 插槽slot x1
      屏幕 Display :
      3.31" WVGA Touchscreen
      支援格式 Support Format : WAV / FLAC / WMA / MP3 / OGG / APE / AAC / ALAC / AIFF / DFF / DSF
      輸入/ 輸出端子 Input / Output : 3.5mm x1
      Optical Out 3.5mm x1
      Balanced Out 2.5mm x1
      USB 2.0 x1
      使用時間 Usage Time :
      充電時間 Charge Time :
      無線 Wireless : Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0


      配件 / Accessories

      保護套 Cover Case :
      線材 Cable :
      micro USB x1
      其他 Others:
      矽膠薄片 Silicon Sheet
      音樂 Music
      (All songs of ‘DEVIL’ album pre-loaded in 24bit/44kHz)
      (SUPER JUNIOR best songs pre-loaded in 24bit/44kHz)