PlusSound EXO Gold Plated Hybrid (4500646723656)
PlusSound EXO Gold Plated Hybrid (4500646723656)

PlusSound EXO Gold Plated Hybrid



Gold Plated Hybrid

"The GPH, while being incredibly rich, smooth, and lush, portrays an incredible amount of microdetail. Transparency is top notch, and the sense of space and separation is astounding. It layers remarkably well, and despite a forward presentation, the actual space extends really far out, thus throwing out a huge, spacious stage." - WCDchee, Head-fi.org

"Sound gets more lively but not necessarily more aggressive, and actually has a smoother transition between frequencies. The bass is stronger and yet smoother, with farther and noticeably deeper extension. Bass power is more impressive with a punchier impact and slight extra mid-bass emphasis carrying some more warmth to the whole lower-end. Even though, the bass remains well-layered, fuller and richer in texture. While speed is not affected nor improved, the decay feels more natural." - Zettai Audio