PlusSound EXO Tri-SIlver (4500646625352)
PlusSound EXO Tri-SIlver (4500646625352)

PlusSound EXO Tri-SIlver



"The bottom line is that the Tri-Silver is an incredibly detailed, engaging, but also a relatively neutral sounding cable. This is a cable that really focuses on staging capability, teasing out a really holographic presentation with a tuning that shies away from too coloring the sound with much treble sparkle or low-end girth." - Marcus, Headfonics

"The Tri-Silver is the first product to combine three different types of silver wires in one cable. Its sonic characteristics make way to pair well with pretty much any type of monitor out there. It offers a fine tuned balance, with wonderful imaging and resolution. The Tri’s midrange excels in smoothness and brings a nice organic sound to the treble." - Linus, Headfonia

"The common change I found while switching to Tri-Silver cable was always an improvement in soundstage width expansion, giving the sound a more holographic perception.  Furthermore, it gave low end more control, making it tighter and better separated from lower mids.  The most noticeable change was in upper mids, bringing more focus (instead of being further out of your head), making them sound more natural, and lifting the quantity to make sound sig more balanced." - Twister6

"The Plussound Tri-Silver is an outstanding cable that commands excellent definition and it delivers an extremely agile sonic performance." - Audio123

"Particularly impressive is the Tri-Silver's passion for sense of scale and imaging. While [tri-silver] is inherently silver, combining three different mixes (palladium-plated, gold-plated, and pure), the sound is not classically a "bright" silver sound. Instead, the emphasis is placed on neutrality with excellent technicalities and dynamics." - Smit Patel, Positive-Feedback/Audio Solace

"The Tri-Silver provides a clean and concise sound focusing on an agile and focused note presentation. It has a neutral tonality and a technical nature, in turn, this grants it the ability to enhance definition, separation and create a more holographic presentation overall." - Ryan Soo, Everyday Listening/ The Headphone List