PlusSound X6 Silver + Gold (4500646166600)
PlusSound X6 Silver + Gold (4500646166600)

PlusSound X6 Silver + Gold


簡介 / Description

Industry’s first Silver wire with new X amount of gold injected in Type 6 litz configuration. It features 6 enamel-coated groups inside containing strands for not only decreasing electrical anomalies (i.e. skin and proximity effect) but prevents oxidation to maintain same appearance after very long use, increases durability greatly, and sound quality improvements through its configuration. An all new dampening material has been included at every core (7 cores in total) that retains round shape of every group while staying on the surface of the conductor, reducing mechanical vibration in the process. Utilizing all new proprietary PS insulation for maximum flexibility and durability and wires are cryogenically treated for long lasting, enhanced sound quality. It transmits electric signals faster with less distortion and low electrical resistance. Along with no crystal boundaries and molecular junctions, these advantages makes it a favorite choice and one of the purest and most advanced wire for audio.

Sound Quality: It has the absolute best transparency sound staging, including quiet and broad bandwidth. Highs are refined and not fatigued. Vocal projects well in a warm signature way. Bright, with impactful bass. Excellent with bass emphasized/dark sounding headphones.

規格 / Specification

外皮物料 Jacket Material : PS (NEW)

線材物料 Conductor Material :
Silver + Gold Type 6 Litz

線身規格 Conductor Gauge: