Satin Audio Medusa II (8X) (7083985338535)
Satin Audio Medusa II (8X) (7083985338535)

Satin Audio Medusa II (8X)


Still the same purest silver we have experienced on the Medusa, the brand new Medusa II has evolved into a more perfect version right at the successful ground. After putting serious thoughts on what needs to be improved on the already excellent silver cable, finally we settle upon the more efficient and powerful structures. Here in Satin Audio, we nonstop seek for improvements in every existing product, and that’s why we made up our mind to release the new Medusa II, as the successor of the Medusa.

The Medusa II is produced based on SP-OCC technology (Superior Pure OCC), to create the purest Silver at exceedingly 6N purity (99,99998%) and even at 7N purity (99,999998%) depend on different batches. This is the highest purity of Silver cable which has been brought into the market.In addition, the Medusa II is applied with the latest Satin Special Structures like the flagship Athena, which is developed from Type 4 Litz. As a result, besides possessing similar characteristics as Type 4 Litz, the new structure has some improvements:

  • Hybrid Central Bundle: The bundles are created from super small strands, and Instead of having only central Kevlar Damping core, now this Kevlar core is surrounded with strands. This structure helps to increase the duribility, the anti- vibration and the signal transmission.
  • Multi-sized strands: Satin Audio uses different sizes for strands, and each of them is coated with one insulation layer so that they will be protected from oxidation and also the signal transmission will be maximized.

In addtion, this SA Insulation jacket is also upgraded into an advanced SA Insulation II jacket with the improvement in flexibility and transparency, making the cable look more shining and eye-catching. This jacket is intentionally designed to ensure the softness and the high comfortability throughout the time of usage, instead of turning hard after contacting with sweat like other cables on the market.

  • 26AWG
  • Superior Pure OCC (SP-OCC)
  • SP-OCC Pure Silver
  • Satin Special Structures
  • Multi-size Strand Type 4 Litz
  • Hybrid central bundle – Kevlar Damping combined with Pure Silver strand
  • SA Insulation II
  • Mundorf M-solder Supreme from Germany