Satin Audio Zeus (8X) (7083981996199)
Satin Audio Zeus (8X) (7083981996199)

Satin Audio Zeus (8X)


The brand-new Satin Audio Zeus cable is a tribute to the King of all other Gods of Mount Olympus. Resembling the ancient Greek Mythology, the Zeus is the most outstanding cable in the Olympus Series. It features the finest materials and designs ever been apllied on the cables, which are the Geōmetria arrangement of precious metals in different sizes and bundles such as Gold plated SilverSilver-Gold Alloy and Palladium plated Silver Hybrid. Altogether, they promisingly deliver the most true-to-life reproduction of the sound, that no cable ever reaches it. One King to rule them all!

Gaining our experiences from previous Pure Silver series and precious applied cables, Satin Audio decided to use 3 difference kind of material into the Zeus wires in order to create better sound. Which are Gold plated SilverSilver-Gold Alloy (99% Silver + 1% Gold) and Palladium plated Silver. Satin Audio has researched and chosen the most suitable ratio between these material to maximize the audio signal transmission.

The Zeus is produced based on SP-OCC technology (Superior Pure OCC), to create the purest Silver at exceedingly 6N purity (99,99998%) and even at 7N purity (99,999998%) depend on different batches. This is the highest purity of Silver cable which has been brought into the market.

The Zeus uses a bigger 24AWG wire compared to our other smaller 26AWG cables. This change resulted in a massive sound improvement, maximize the audio signal transmission without making the cable become too big.

In addition, the Zeus is applied with the latest Satin Special Structures II, which is developed from Satin Special Structures and Type 4 Litz. As a result, besides possessing similar characteristics as Type 4 Litz, the new structure was developed to become layers of strand – Geōmetria :

  • The outer layer is made from stranded bundles of SP OCC Gold plated Silver.
  • The next layer is the combination of Silver Gold strands and Palladium plated Silver, cover the Kevlar Damping Core. These strands inside has bigger dimensions than the ones in the outer layer. That’s why we can it as the Geōmetria Multi-sized Stranded – Satin Special Structures II. Each inner and outer strands are covered with insulation in order to be protected from oxidization. Finally, this structure brings the better efficiency for

In addtion, this SA Insulation jacket is also upgraded into an advanced SA Insulation II jacket with the improvement in flexibility and transparency, making the cable look more shining and eye-catching. This jacket is intentionally designed to ensure the softness and the high comfortability throughout the time of usage, instead of turning hard after contacting with sweat like other cables on the market.

We use the best connectors for the Zeus. Our Satin 2-Pin/MMCX connectors are made of TeCu/PEEK and BeCu/Teflon, which helps to increase conductivity by 45-93%. Meanwhile, pins of other normal connectors are made of brass, with the conductivity of only 27%.

For plugs, we also use the best plugs for our flagship. Our 2.5mm/3.5mm plugs are made of Palladium plated ULTIMATE COPPER with purity up to 99,9%. It provides excellent conductivity and high resolution sound. Usually Copper will be weaker than Brass, but our ULTIMATE COPPER have the same strength as Brass. And we use Pentaconn OFC 4.4mm, they are made of Oxygen-free copper. All 3 kind of plugs 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm are Made in Japan, they have highest conductivity, reach 100%-101% IACS. Meanwhile, other normal plugs are made of brass, with the conductivity of only 27%.

  • 24AWG
  • Superior Pure OCC Material
  • Gold Plated Silver | Palladium Plated Silver | Silver-Gold Alloy
  • Geōmetria Multi-sized Stranded – Satin Special Structures II
  • Kevlar Damping Core
  • Premium SA Palladium Plated UCopper 2.5mm/3.5mm and Pentaconn OFC 4.4mm as standard plugs.