Toxic Cable Phoenix 22 V2 (7083993170087)
Toxic Cable Phoenix 22 V2 (7083993170087)

Toxic Cable Phoenix 22 V2


Phoenix V2 22awg Litz OCC Cryo Gold plated silver

The Phoenix uses UPOCC Cryo Silver/Gold alloy and is then further gold plated in our unique litz structure 


Here at Toxic Cables we pride ourselves on quality and innovation.

Toxic Cables has been leading the way in new design and innovation in headphone cables since it was founded in 2011. The very first cable we released was the baby brother to this cable, the Silver Poison which was an OCC Cryo Silver/Gold stranded wire, the very first in the industry.

Within months of founding Toxic Cables, we had a huge line up of cables available to our customers, with over 8 cables to choose from at the time, our customers had every type of cable they could want under one roof, compared to our competitors 2/3 offering.

Soon we followed on with more firsts to the industry, including our true hybrid Virus and our Silver Litz “Silver Widow” cables and now the multi sized strand Hydra line up.

We won’t tell you how good our cables are or how good they sound as we have always believed that we should let our caby7les speak for themselves and if you click on the link above and read the reviews from our customers, i am sure you will find that they do exactly that.

No fancy words, no hard selling, just honest reviews from first hand users.

規格 / Specification

外皮物料 Jacket Material :
線材物料 Conductor Material :
 Gold plated UPOCC silver/gold alloy in our unique litz
線身規格 Conductor Gauge: