Ultrasone Edition 12 (7380832003)
Ultrasone Edition 12 (7380832003)

Ultrasone Edition 12


The luxurious, open-back, all-rounder Ultrasone Edition 12 Headphones provide open sound that transports you straight to an airy, 3-dimensional soundscape. These headphones are equipped with hand-selected, gold-plated transducers. The transducers are selected with care and are responsible for the imposing spatial quality of sound with velvety trebles, balanced midranges, and precise basses. The tonally accurate harmonization, combined with the special capsule design, offers a holistic professional sound experience.

The lines of the ear cups are based on the graceful elegance of butterflies, which allows for openness and exactness in sound reproduction. The extensive presence of trebles, mid-notes, and basses exposes you to an impressive range of audio experiences. These exquisite headphones weighing only 9.9 oz caress the ears and head with silky textile and soft leather for superior wearer comfort.

The head pad of the aluminum headband is covered with the dark gray leather of the Ethiopian long-haired sheep. This high-quality leather provides soft, smooth wearer quality. The ear pads are covered with specially selected, very fine microvelour. This ultra-soft material blends sleekly into the airy sound reproduction. The ear cups of the Edition 12 Headphones have a matte chrome finish and are decorated with specially produced aluminum inlays. The overall selection of materials emphasizes the openness of these headphones and flatters the eye on first sight.

Driver: 40mm gold-plated driver ,Neodymium ,open
Frequency Response:  
Maximum Input Power: 
Input Impedance: 
Sensitivity: 99dB
Weight: 280g


規格 / Specification

單元 Driver :  40mm gold-plated driver
靈敏度 Sensitivity : 
阻抗 Impedance : 

音頻反應 Frequency Response : 

線材 Cable :
線長 Cable Length :
插頭 Plug : 


配件 / Accessories

耳墊 Ear Pads :

便攜盒 Carrying Case :

線夾 Cable Clip :


延長線 Extension Cord :


替換線 Exchangeable Cord :  

3m Aramid fiber, enhanced silver-plated high-flex cable (OFC 99.99% pure copper) with 6.3mm gold-plated plug

轉換插 Convertor :

其他 Others:     -