Westone AM Pro 10 (6741095427)
Westone AM Pro 10 (6741095427)
Westone AM Pro 10 (6741095427)
Westone AM Pro 10 (6741095427)
Westone AM Pro 10 (6741095427)
Westone AM Pro 10 (6741095427)

Westone AM Pro 10


簡介 / Description

Westone 全新打造的 AM Pro 系列,讓舞台表演者專用的入耳監聽耳機。現在,你可以聽到和感受到觀眾的熱情和投入,其他樂手和舞台音效。同時難以置信的清晰音頻,頻率響應和強勁低音,只有 Westone AM Pro 系列入耳式耳機可以提供。傳統的開放式耳機設計,折衷及降低了入耳式耳機的頻率響應。而 Westone AM Pro 系列採用了專利的 SLED™ 技術,讓用家同時聽到耳機內以及環境的聲音,而不會影響到原有的頻率響應,保留不同音頻的細節。整個音樂環境就在你掌握之內。

Until now performers have had to choose between a dedicated in-ear monitor mix, wedges, or an ambient experience. Now, you can hear and feel the energy and input from the audience, fellow performers and the stage— together with the incredible audio clarity, frequency response, and punch that only a Westone In-Ear Musicians’ Monitor can provide. Traditional open vent ambient monitors compromise and degrade the frequency response of an in-ear monitor. With Westone’s exclusive SLED™ technology, you are in control of your musical environment. Enjoy full-range frequency response from your in-ear monitor signal, hear and feel your surroundings, and engage with fellow performers and your audience like never before.

特性 / Feature

  • 平衡式電樞驅動單元 - 專利設計,造出最準確和仔細的聲音
    Balanced Armature Driver - Proprietary design produces the most accurate and detailed sound in the world
  • Acoustic Symmetry 聲學對稱 - 左側和右側耳機頻率響應匹配到介乎+/-3分貝
    Acoustic Symmetry - Left and right earpiece responses are matched to a +/- 3dB tolerance
  • True-Fit®技術 - 符合人體工程學的設計,整天使用亦不會感到疲倦
    True-Fit® Technology - Low profile and ergonomic design allows all day use with no ear fatigue
  • 專利申請中的 SLED™ 技術 - 綜合耳機內以及環境的聲音。不影響到原有頻率響應,保留音頻細節
    Patent Pending SLED™ Technology - Combines passive ambient sound with the monitor mix
  • TRU™ 聲音過濾器 - 令你完全體驗你的演出,感受到其他樂手,觀眾以及舞台上的一切
    TRU™ Audio Filter - Allow you to fully experience your performance, hear your band, your fans, and everything else
  • 適用於:在舞台上監控,樂隊練習
    IDEAL FOR: On-Stage Monitoring, Band Practice


    規格 / Specification

    單元 Driver :
    1全頻動鐵單元 Full-range armature
    靈敏度 Sensitivity :
    114 dB @ 1kHz
    阻抗 Impedance :
    25 Ohm @ 1kHz
    音頻反應 Frequency Response :
    20 Hz - 16 000 Hz
    線材 Cable :
    線長 Cable Length : 128cm
    插頭 Plug :


    配件 / Accessories

    耳膠 Ear tips :
    便攜盒 Carrying Case :
    線夾 Cable Clip :
    延長線 Extension Cord :
    替換線 Exchangeable Cord :
    轉換插 Convertor :
    其他 Others: -