xDUOO XD-10 (4493676544072)
xDUOO XD-10 (4493676544072)



● Uses AMK AK4490 8-core processing chip to support native DSD, DXD, and PCM signals, supporting mainstream audio formats

● Full-featured portable decoding amp machine, sound quality to HIFI fidelity

● 0.91 inch OLED screen display, all aluminum alloy colorful shell, high-end texture

● Standard USB audio cable, compatible with Sony ZX series, A series walkman player

● Standard USB interface, compatible with Windows, Mac OS system, support iOS, Android mobile device, also supports HiFi player, CD player link

XDUOO XD-10 Poke DSD256 32BIT / 384KHZ Decoding Portable USB DAC Headphone Amplifier 


POKE HiFi “God Pet” ,Full-featured portable decoding amp integrated machine

Beautiful, not fancy, but more bright to show

Light and compact as Walkman

  • As almost big as Sony A series Walkman, button layout
  • After re-optimizing the bundle according to Walkman’s operational logic, there is a “forming one integrated mass” feel

The superb technology highlights quality

  • Full aluminum alloy colorful shell, anodic oxidized and fine sandblasted, both fastening and showing texture, fine-tuned “Green”, all these and Walkman imaged each other

Sound quality supreme, compact, but more powerful

Large drive power, release the potential of headphones

  • It is as almost same as Sony ZX Series Walkman pay attention to drive but increase several times, OPA1622 drive current up to 140MA, earbuds and portable headphones both can drive.

Exquisite and easy to use, with strong compatibility

With the whole series Walkman “seamlessly integrate”

  • Standard SONY USB AUDIO cable, widely compatible with Sony ZX series, A series Walkman, including the first generation of ZX, A15 and so on. Real depth matching

Zero noise, bid farewell to upset emotions

  • High-quality OPA1662 low-pass filter, new increased LDO Low Dropout Linear Regulator, to further reduce the distortion and noise floor, the signal to noise ratio up to 112dB, the sound is cleaner

Big vigor, carefree entertainment video

  • The core power supply part is used of efficient power convert circuit, the dynamic range of the output signal increases.
  • Bass energy and big dynamic effects let you listen to songs, games, watching movies hooked

The audiophile “plug-in” of computer, mobile phone

  • Standard USB interface, compatible with Windows, Mas OS system, meanwhile supports iOS, Android mobile devices, but also through the line output to connect HiFi player, CD player and so on

magic paste, no burden and tied

  • XDuoo special X-SK1 bundled adhesive, one second that is fit, hidden in the player and POKE, thin as nothing, does not affect the control and appearance as traditional bundling tape.

Professional, origin from more sophisticated materials

Flagship decoding, all lossless

  • Using AKM superior chip AK4490, support for native DSD, DXD and PCM signals, the real hardware solution DSD up to 32Bit / 384KHz sampling, taking all mainstream audio formats.

8-core chip, high-code sampling

  • Using XMOS new 8-core processing chip XS1-U8A-64, work in asynchronous transfer mode, and support WASAPI, ASIO, KS kernel flow mode,
  • PCM supports 32BIT / 384KHZ;
  • DSD supports DOP, NATIVE mode
  • Support DSD 256, DXD 32BIT / 252.8KHZ

Dual crystal oscillator, ultra-low noise

  • Using two ultra-low phase noise crystal as the clock source, respectively working under 44.1K and 48K and its multiple sampling states, switched by the system, to ensure that the local clock without interference with each other, can be run independently

Volume adjustment, goodbye to partial tone

  • Using TI professional volume control chip PGA2311, without any switching distortion, the distortion less than 0.0001% to solve the problem of inconsistent left and right channels of the traditional potentiometer

Intelligent optimization, to extend battery life

  • Increase the headphone “plug in” and “plug out” detection function, optimize power performance, reduce energy consumption when the components are idle, the battery life to extend 2~3 times

Spec. of xDuoo XD-10 

Output power 250mW + 250mW @ 32ohm
SNR 112dB @ 1kHz (Line out)
Supported sampling rate 32bit 384kHz
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
Gain 0dB / +6dB
Distortion 0.0025% @ 1kHz (Headphone amp)
Signal to noise ratio 112dB @ 1KHz (LINE OUT)
Inputs USB-A
3.5mm Headphone Jack
Output 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Charging time ≤ 3 hours (fast charge 1A) ≤6 hours (slow charging 500MA)
Autonomy SPDIF : >= 8h
Line input : >= 20h
Dimensions 101mm x 55mm x 16mm
Weight 130g