Yamaha EPH-W53 (4493677035592)
Yamaha EPH-W53 (4493677035592)

Yamaha EPH-W53


Easy to put in, easy to stay in — with exceptional comfort and wearability. Superb wireless earphones with uncompromised, acoustically tuned sound.

  • Free from bothersome cable connection. Easily enjoy all your music anytime, anywhere — wirelessly.
  • Newly developed stabilizers, designed for maximum comfort — inserting easily, staying in securely.
  • Expertly designed to ensure bother-free, natural wear.
  • Meticulous, uncompromising acoustic tuning delivers optimum sound.
  • Features built-in microphone for use with voice control feature and phone operations.
  • Eartips provide excellent fit and sound insulation.
  • Enjoy up to 7 hours of continuous music playback. (*Battery life varies depending on individual usage.

Ear stabilizers

The concave housing shape and the newly developed stabilizers were designed and created together, with the actions of the user in mind — from picking up the earphones to putting them in the ears. As a result, you can grip and wear it easily, and it ensures an exceptionally natural fit that stays in securely, and feels comfortable even when worn for a long time. Moreover, three sizes are provided, letting you get a fit that’s perfect for your ears.

    Designed for bother-free comfort

    The base part of the earphone is cut obliquely, so that the cable flows outward from the slant and naturally along the neck when worn. In addition, a supple material with serrated surface is used for the cable, reducing the noise caused by physical friction with clothing.

      Optimal left/right housing structure

      Because of the carefully selected high-precision, ultra-tiny 6.4 mm (1/4”) drivers, the EPH-W53 can be inserted closer to the eardrum, suppressing detrimental sound reflections in the ear canal that cause muddiness in the sound. Moreover, we have applied Yamaha's uniquely musical acoustic tuning techniques, which include giving the left and right housings identically symmetrical structure, with their respective mounted batteries, to further optimise the sound. When you want to listen to music casually, such as when commuting, you can comfortably enjoy it. When you want to listen in more detail and more actively, you can soak in the nuances and shifting textures to your heart’s content — truly the best of both worlds.

        Bluetooth® compatibility

        Not only is the EPH-W53 compact enough to for carrying in a suit pocket, it lets you easily enjoy all the music on your smartphone or portable music player — thanks to wireless Bluetooth capability. What’s more, the Bluetooth audio codec supports the high-quality aptX™ technology. The highly reliable VARTA-made battery gives you up to 7 hours of continuous music playback* on about a 2-hour charge. Bring and easily enjoy all of your favorite music — anytime, anywhere — as you commute to work or go to school.

        * Battery life depends on individual usage.

          Multi-function remote unit and mic

          If the connected Bluetooth device has a voice control feature/app (Siri, etc.), you can control it from the EPH-W53. Moreover, the surface of the middle operation button is concave, making it easy to feel the positional relationship of the three buttons without looking, for ease in operation.

            Eartips in five sizes

            The eartips of the EPH-W53 are crafted from two types of silicon materials with differing degrees of hardness. The part that touches the ear is soft, while the part through which sound passes delivers both strength and flexibility, thanks to serration processing applied to hard silicon. This enables the most direct sound to the eardrum while importantly preserving the inner shape. Moreover, the eartips come in five different sizes, each optimised by adjusting the diameter-to-height ratio — allowing the tightest fit to the shape of the ear canal, providing superior sound insulation and reducing outside sound leakage.

            規格 / Specification

            靈敏度 Sensitivity :

            音頻反應 Frequency Response :
            20 Hz – 20 kHz
            藍牙連接 Bluetooth :
            Ver.4.1 / A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
            SBC, AAC, aptX™
            充電時間 Charging Hour:
            2-hour charge

            續航力 Battery Life:
             7 hours of continuous music playback
            待機時間 Standby Time: -


            配件 / Accessories

            耳膠 Ear tips :
            Five sizes of eartips (LL, L, M, S, SS)
            Three sizes of ear stabilizers (L, M, S)

            便攜盒 Carrying Case :

            線夾 Cable Clip :

            延長線 Extension Cord :


            替換線 Exchangeable Cord :


            轉換插 Convertor :

            其他 Others: USB power cable